Monday, January 2, 2012



Afraid of the dark, I plumb the depths
Seeking peace, seeking rest
From the demons that laugh
As they dance on my wounded heart
I am shattered, the pieces scattered
I claw the ground, howl at the sky
Only one question…why? 

If the darkest hour is just before dawn
My night is endless.
The wait for the sun is torture
I shake the bed with my sobs
Wet the pillow with my tears
Muffle the screams of agony so no one hears 

I’m dying
What else could this be?
The dark is coming down like a stone
The heavy curtain of it buries me 

Light comes in
Pulsing and warm
Little by little it fills me
A shelter in my storm 

A gentle voice whispers to me
You can do this…I am with you
The Light lives
The Light breathes
He breaks through the pain
Banishes the dark as the sun begins to rise 

I am weak, basking in the Light to gain my strength
He takes my hand and says, Stand
I shake and tremble, hesitate and flounder
He keeps my hand in His and speaks again

I am weak, but He is strong
With my hand in His, I lift myself up
A baby finding her balance
Holding tight to Daddy’s hand 

After awhile, He speaks again.
Again I tremble, again I am afraid
I can’t.
Yes, He says. You can. Walk.
One foot, and then the other
I’m doing it! I say
Yes, He answers. I knew you could. 

Suddenly His hand is gone from mine
I flounder once more, reaching out into the void
Don’t be afraid, comes His voice. I will never leave you.
One foot, and then the other and I keep going
And His voice comes again.

The fear reaches out with sticky fingers
You’ll fall, it says. Better just stick with what you know.
Trembling, I falter and wonder what will happen if I fall.
And His voice comes softly, once more
You can do this. Run. 

One step, and then another
Faster, and then faster
The laughter comes, and with it tears
I’m doing it!
I know, He says. I knew you could. 

Running like the wind now
Looking straight ahead
No stopping, no going back
And one more time I hear His voice 

It is time, He says.
My feet leave the ground
Joy unimaginable!
And I soar.

Author's note: This is an original work by me. If you would like to share it, please link back to my blog for proper credit. Thanks!