Monday, December 17, 2012

Heart Murmurs

Heart Murmurs 
I see you there
Behind the mask you wear
The heart that yearns
The fire that burns
The way you hide
Behind walls of pride 
An ache in the heart
Words left unsaid
Desires unspoken
Tears unshed 
A road untraveled
Paths not taken
Destiny within reach
And yet forsaken 
Light shines from within
A glimmer of hope
Wishes and wants
Twine together like rope
Time is moving
Fluid as the sea
Destiny whispers
“Remember me?” 
Open your eyes
Look with your heart
The path is before you
You’ve only to start 
One foot and then the other
Round bends and over hills
A bump here, a rock there
But your tread never stills 
Hope shines brighter
As paths intersect
And you see the one
You did not expect
This is an original work by me. If you intend to share, please link back to my blog for proper credit.