Thursday, July 30, 2015



What would you do…
If you had the chance to start again?
Not to go back but to move forward
A fresh start, a new beginning...

Who would you be?
The person they want you to be?
The person they have pressured you to be?
Or would you simply be you.
The only one who can do what you can do.
Be you.

What would you believe?
The lie that you are a mistake?
The lie that whispers that you are worthless?
That you don’t deserve to be loved?
Or the truth…
You are here for a reason.
You are priceless.
You are loved.
Very, very loved.

Where would you go?
Would you stay mired in doubt?
Paralyzed by fear?
Or would that lion inside of you rumble awake.
And roar.

The time is now.
A new day.
A new chapter.
A blank page.

Be you.
Know you are loved.
Awaken from your slumber.
And live.

This is an original work. If you intend to share, please link back to my blog for proper credit. 

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